Darren Morgan (SHOWREEL)

My 2020 Guitar & Singing Showreel. Enjoy a sample of songs you can hear at a show!

5 Colours In her Hair (Cover)

Going back to my punk pop youth with this cover, Some Mcfly and 5 colours in her hair!

Blinding Lights (Cover)

Always wanted to try this video effect out, so here its - The Darren Morgan Trio! Covering a "Blinding" song by The Weeknd.

The Boys Are Back In Town (Cover)

Dueling Guitars and great rock riffs! What more is there to love!

Rock n Roll Medley LIVE (Cover)

This video is part of my Duo The Millsy Brothers. We were covering Status Quo!

Hold My Girl (Cover)

Recorded in one take at home during 2020 Lockdown. Mr George Ezra.

Tennesse Whiskey (Cover)

A version recorded at home of a Chris Stapleton Number

All Right Now (Cover)

A Classic Song from 1970, Sing a long!